Thursday, August 27, 2009

last week in the US

So in exactly one week from today I will be in San Francisco about to head over to my new home in South Korea. Which, incidentally, is here:

Yeolin House 104-ho
Gwanak-gu, Seoul city

This is not the area I thought I would be living in, but after all of these job offers and fall throughs, I guess I could have been confused. Here's some info on Gwanak:

"Gwanak-gu’s vision is to be a “high quality residential city, a sustainable eco city and a leading educational and welfare city”. English language learning plays a major part in this and Gwanak council has just opened an English Language CafĂ© in its council offices which gives access to English language tuition to all Gwanak residents. Gwanak is also the home of one of the three “English Villages” in Seoul which try to create an English environment to offer English language immersion for students. Seoul National University, Korea’s most prestigious university is located in Gwanak-gu district and attracts an international community of teaching staff and students."

It seems like it will be a nice, quiet, green area with lots of room for running. From what I have read everywhere in Seoul is pretty easy to get to via subway or bus. Now I just have to worry about being able to find my apartment on a consistent basis. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go to the store and never find my way home...

This past Monday I went into NYC to catch up with some friends and get my visa. Getting my visa consisted of a brief 5 minute interview "why do you want to teach in korea" "what will you do next year" "what are your hobbies" etc, and I'm pretty sure the woman had no idea what I was talking about. I tried telling her about the best invention ever, the Kindle, and I think I totally lost her. I guess that's a reaction I'm going to have to get used to!

In one week (well probably a little longer) I should have some more interesting things to post. I know it's pretty exciting hearing all about my trips to the Korean consulate, but hopefully I will have some pictures and stories of disgust, intrigue, oddity, awesomeness, etc. coming. Or perhaps not.

Wish me good luck in my packing and final days here and hopefully I will have more exciting stories soon!

Friday, August 21, 2009

13 days!

This summer has flown by. While reflecting on what I've actually accomplished in the past 2 months, which isn't much, I realized how little I have been bored and how much fun I have been having. Between day trips with the NJ crowd and weekend trips to weddings and to visit friends, I have been able to see and do almost everything I set out to do this summer! Hiking, running, finding a pool, tubing, wine tastings, outings with the family, trips to the beach, to CT, to DC, to Bmore, and the list goes on. It's going to be bittersweet to actually take off on that Thursday morning, but I know the adventure and opportunities that lay ahead are once in a lifetime and certainly something I will never forget.

So now I need recommendations for what I should do next year! I know I will change my mind a million times before that time even gets close to rolling around, but here's what I'm thinking so far:

1. Stay another year in Korea
2. Move to Spain/South America/France with my new Australian boyfriend
3. Go to grad school and get my MBA
4. Go work on a vineyard in Napa
5. Tour with Phish and sell grilled cheese. ha right.

And I am very open to new suggestions.

This past weekend was really amazing. I went down to DC on Thursday and had a wonderful evening with the girls where we were able to catch up and gossip over a few bottles of wine. What could be more perfect!? Then on Friday Henry and I went out to the best dinner at Bourbon Steak! If you haven't been you should go check it out. I think the steak was the least impressive thing there (says the vegetarian). It's worth going if for nothing but the duck fat fries and truffle butter rolls they hook you up with before your meal even begins! The weekend was a great way to say an official goodbye to everyone that's made the past 3 years in DC totally amazing. I will miss you all!! Man I sound like I'm being sent off to die or something...I will return :)

Now it's back to preparing to leave. I have to sell my car this week and go into NYC Tuesday for my Korean consulate interview. I think the "interview" consists of "What's your name," "Do you do drugs," "Did you graduate college." So that shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

Have a great weekend and the next post will probably be in my last few days before departure!!!!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Suzi!! I hope those Koreans take you out for an amazing birthday celebration!! See you for 25 shots shortly!

Monday, August 10, 2009

24 days.


After anxious dreams (premonitions?) about my laptop arrival, of which I am typing on right now, and booking my flight/getting my visa last night, I wake up to a phone call at 9 from an unknown number. As I answer prepared to yell because who calls this early? I notice it's a Korean woman! She asks what aiport I want to fly out of and says she'll book my ticket that day! Several hours later I have an email in my inbox with my flight confirmation.

It's official:
Sept 3rd
Departing At Newark
TERMINAL A Arriving At San Francisco

Thursday Sep 3 SFO
UA 0893 Departing At
Thu, Sep 3
Fri, Sep 4th.

IM ACTUALLY GOING and it's been paid for and confirmed!

I will be in DC for yet another goodbye this Thursday. I will be in town until Saturday when I head to Baltimore for Phish. Give me a call if you'll be around and want to meet up :)