Monday, March 8, 2010


I have now been in the ROK for over 6 months. Where does the time go? I feel like I've been here forever, but at the same time, not even close to half a year. I am totally digging my new job. There's no prep work, the kids are cute, and it's 12 hours a week. What could there be to complain about? Oh and when I have 2 kids with the same name in a class I get to rename them!! haha imagine being John for the past 2 years and all of the sudden teacher tells you, nope, now Alex. I had one kid who had to change his name.
I say "Who do you want to be?"

His response, "In front of."

hahaha I try to explain the meaning to him and his next answer is "Monkey." I was going to take it, because, hey, monkey's a sweet name but at the last second he says "No teacher, teacher, Tom." haha ok Tom.

So things are going well at school when all of the sudden I get a call for an interview with COEX. The position is Convention Manager (Susan's old job). I go in for a pre-interview with the recruiting firm. I'm looking nice in dress slacks, a sweater, pearls, but it had been raining and perhaps my hair was a bit frizzed. The advice given to me if I get accepted for a real interview is as follows:

"Next time suit and uhh...ugh (gestures to his hair) salon."


I go to H&M get a really smart looking suit (I text every girl friend I have here to borrow a suit and not one has one. You know why? Because we're all English teachers!!!!), then the afternoon of my real interview I go to the salon. I get a really nice looking haircut, am feeling good and go up for my interview. There are 2 other girls there, both with bad hair and suits, and we're all expected to sit in a room and wait for our turn to go in front of a panel. I, of course, go last.

The one other girl is young, 22, right out of school but speaks fluent Korean. The other woman, not even in a suit!, has 6 years business experience in Korea. I know Susan :)

It's my turn. I walk in,introduce myself, then sit in a lone chair in the middle of the room while a panel of 7 people stare at me. I know the Marketing Manager, Steve, from Susan's going away party the week before, so I'm hoping this helps me. They ask a bunch of questions about what Susan told me of the position, am I good with people, why do I want this job, how would I sell Seoul and COEX, etc. Then the last questions. Soju or makgeolli? hahahahahah Steve definitely pulled this out because he knows of my recent makgeolli obsession.

SO this is Friday. They say I'll hear early next week. So I have, of course, been compulsively checking my email the past 3 days. Today at 3 I had an answer:

"I'm very sorry to say that COEX chose another one for Convention Marketer.
I know you have done your best so far. so please don't be disappointed.

Thank you for your great job and I hope you can make another good opportunities"

Bah. Oh well. I'm definitely disappointed but now will have a bunch of free time to do sightseeing, running, cooking, and most importantly, learn Korean. I went to Sookmyeon Women's University's library (next to my elemenatary school) today and find that it will be the perfect place to go for a few hours everyday after school to study. I'll believe it when this happens, but that' the plan for now.

Is it July yet? I am so over being cold. Bring on the 90s....

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