Monday, September 6, 2010

stick a needle in me

Only 4 days until America!!!! I can't wait to step back into a country where people know what I'm saying! And better yet I get to see all of my best friends for the first time in a year. Yesterday marked exactly one year in Korea. Weird!!

On Saturday Krissy, James, Paul, and 3 of Jame's military friends (there's a reason I don''t have any army friends....) head out of Seoul to Caribbean Bay. We get to the bus stop in Gangnam and the line for the bus is at least a block long. We say screw it and take cabs the 40 minutes there. That was an adventure in itself. Traffic, lying GPSs, bad directions and the fact the main gate to the waterpark was blocked by cones, made it quite the journey. We finally get in and its absolutely gorgeous. Not only is the sun shining, but it also seems (seems being the operative word here) pretty deserted. We quickly learn this is not necessarily the case. Paul and I decide to wait the hour to go on the straight down slide. It was a fun ride, but not sure it was worth standing in the shade for an hour. Then we all got in line for a huge tube ride. You sit in the tub go down a steep hill then go up what looks like a skate ramp. Krissy and the army boys' tube almost went over the edge. Americans tend to be a little heavier than Koreans!! After the wait for 2 rides, everything was closed. haha. 2 rides all day. Nice-uh. It's a beautiful park though and the wave pool was super fun. Oh and Koreans, I don't know if it's that they can't swim or are just nervous, but they all wear life vests. I'm talking full on adults walking around with swim caps and life preservers. Too funny.

SO that was a lovely day in the sun followed by a good galbi dinner and drinks with Chi Ha in Gangnam. Funky Monkey is my new favorite drink. Banana liquor topped with Baileys. Yum!!

Sunday was uber productive. Well maybe not productive, but busy. Paul and I head up to Insadong (shopping tourist kind of district) to check out a new taco place. Dan from was asked to go check it out, but he's super busy with his new company, so he asked me to go. Review coming soon. It was a lovely day when we left, but by the time we got downtown it was pouring. I'm talking torrential. Ive never seen it rain so hard for so long. We hit up Jongno Tower for the view (Paul had never been downtown) then found an acupunture place. We walk in and the old (like 90) man asked what our ailments were. Um no problem, just curious. I think this baffles him, but some woman who speaks English got him to check us out and make a diagnosis. Paul and I both apparently suffer from hernias in our lower intestines. haha not sure what that means, but apparently it causes my right leg to be shorter than my left which will lead to back and neck problems. No sooner do we hear this than he starts sticking needles all over me. I don't know what I was thinking, but it never occured to me it would hurt. Uh duh, he is sticking me with needles!!! Then you just lay for 20 minutes. I totally fell asleep. Overall an interesting experience. I would definitely go again if I had pain. I wish I had known about this when my hip was bothering me.

After an adventure on the Korean bus system we end up in Hongdae. We met my Friday co-teacher, Sunny, and go watch her boyfriends band play at this small club. I wasn't expecting much, but he was phenomenal! He was like the Korean John Mayer. I was blown away by how good his voice was. Sunny promises to get us CDs soon as he ran out. Sunday Funday!

Tonight Paul and I are getting some Indian, tomorrow's tutoring, Wine Wednesday with the ladies and Thursday Paul and I are going to Namsan Tower for a going away date. Then I fly home!!!! I can't believe it's been a year already. See you all soon!

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