Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacation Is Trying To Kill Me

But, I shall win. A month or so ago I noticed my index fingers were both red and irritated, but it wasn't a big bother and I figured it was probably just the sun. My nose was also quite red. It kind of continued to bug me, but what can you do, just try to keep out of the sun. Not so easy in India. But at least it was dry, well when it wasn't raining ha. Flash forward to Nepal where it's moist and not deserty. We go trekking. Lots of water. No lotion. By the end my hands were raw. So I assume hurty, peely hands is from lack of moisture and care. When we get to town I buy the most concentrated aloe cream I can find. They start to get a bit better, but then just sort of start to peel off. Attractive, let me tell you, and still quite painful. This has been going on for weeks....After visiting numerous pharmacies, taking anti (sun) allergy pills, anti fungal cream, wrapping my hands in gauze when out in sunlight (I looked like I put both hands in a blender), my hands are still red, peeling and in pain. And now my toes are spotty and a bit sore. I have a renewed suspicion that it is a fungus (thanks webmd) so I am going to start putting the cream back on. Fingers crossed. Oh, if only I could....

Also, pretty sure the cheap booze we've been buying is slowly killing Paul and I. The past 2 days have been spent laying in our hotel watching TV because our tummys and heads hurt. I partly blame the booze and partly blame our new friends Ida and Karl. They're our Swiss/Norwegian friends who like to booze it as much as we do. We met them over raksi and beers 2 nights ago and then took them out to Korean last night. Well, you know how Koreans do, and the evening ended pretty tipsy. Today we left the room twice. Once for breakfast. Once for lunch. It's raining, and it's raining and we're having fun googling things to do in HK!!! Now that it's 4pm we're going to mix some sprite/clear un-named liquid booze and prepare to meet the Scandanavians! Skul!!

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