Friday, June 12, 2009


Welcome to my SoKo blog! Big thanks to Smallwood and his literary cleverness for the title. This piece was close to being called Krazy Korea or whatever other lame alliteration I would have come up with. Disclaimer: I am not an adept, witty, insightful writer by any means, so bear with me :)

I'm hoping this will be a forum in which I can share my adventures, pictures, troubles, excitement, challenges, oddities, and overall opinion on what I'm seeing and experiencing as an Ex-Pat in SoKo, as well as a place for you to keep in touch. Please share your thoughts, experiences, questions, requests, etc. so I can keep up with what all is going on back home.

As most of you know I'm going to be an elementary/kindy teacher in the Gangum-Gu district of Seoul. I am expecting to depart at the end of July until which time I will be chillin at home with my parents and sister. So keep checking for updates as I know very little right now about what lays ahead for me.

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