Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sorry for the lack of recent,or any, updates. In the past couple of days there have been quite a few snags, bumps, and hopefully positive occurrences. Firstly, my recruiter over at English Cruiser no longer works there i.e. was fired, and since contacting her boss I have found out that my job in Gangnum no longer exists (financial issues which led to cutting classes). Awesome.

I had received a job offer to work in Thailand a week ago via facebook and blew it off thinking that I already had a job. So immediately after finding out that was not the case I replied saying I was very interested. Only later do I find out the best part; I would get my own motorcycle!!! Done.


I'm giving my recruiter one more chance basically because he holds all of the documentation I need to get a foreign working visa and because he begged ("Would you give me one more opportunity? Please give me just one more chance. I will beg you to reconsider the situation.") for another shot. So I have an interview Friday for a job in another popular district of Seoul.

So keep your fingers crossed for me.

Aside from the future potential job nonsense, this whole being unemployed living at home thing is great. Heading to the pool in the am.

Have a safe and happy 4th!

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