Thursday, July 9, 2009

Really? Again?

So I got the job I mentioned in the last post on Friday. Then Monday they reconsidered and went with another candidate. They must have had a better passport photo.

I had another interview with a small school in Seoul last night that apparently went well. They like me and are 90% (which means absolutely nothing at this point!) sure they're going to hire me but still have a few other candidates to interview. I should find out Sunday (Monday Korea time). This school only has 2 foreign teachers and 4 Korean teachers, but the guy I interviewed with seemed really positive about his experience over the past 10 months there.

I also have an interview with a school in Thailand tonight. This one pays considerably less, isn't on a beach, but is super close to Loas and Cambodia. Udon Thani if you care to look it up. And hey, it's Thailand!

Ahhh, one of these days one of these jobs will pan out. I'm just hanging out relaxing in the mean time. Everything happens for a reason, right?

Off for a run, baking, library trip and happy hour. Why did I ever have a full time job???

PES people, what's going on over there?? Any news?

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