Thursday, January 14, 2010

stop. look around.

sometimes I totally forget that I am on the other side of the world from my "normal" life. Once and a while (usually while waiting for my morning bus) I'll stop and just look around me. I'm the only non-Korean for as far as thee eye can see. 90% of this time this goes unnoticed or I am totally unfazed by it. It's weird how quickly and easily it is to just sink into your surroundings. I do not, however, forget that I am in Korea while getting elbowed on the subway! This is one thing I will NEVER get used to. Sometimes I even think I'm Korean. I find when I go to other countries I seek out the Koreans. If I hear someone speaking Korean I will approach and say I live there too! Hi Brother! Hi Sister! They don't tend to have the same attitude. I usually get blank stares and a "so what" kind of reply. Can we help you crazy blonde girl?

My new co-teacher Jennifer is going to help me with my Korean. She's from Korea but lived in Queens the past 3 years. She went to NYC with not a word of English and was so impressed and grateful for all of the help she had in learning that she wants to return the favor and help me. I'll take it! She even made me kimchi jjigae the other day (kimchi soup- a new fav!) The first Korean book I bought, I was assured by the sales woman, would be in English (the CD). It wasn't. How am I supposed to learn Korean if all of the instructions are in Korean!? I ordered another book off Amazon (Jan 8th and it should arrive here Feb 12!!! outrageous!) that should be of more help. So far I have learned, beautiful, hansom, where is the..., how much, counting, I don't know. Outside of those and a few other random words and phrases, I'm at a loss. Hopefully by March I'll have a bit more of a base.

It's snowing again! I guess it's better than the negative 17 we've had all week. Happy Friday!

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