Sunday, January 31, 2010

ski bums

I pictured skiing in Korea to be a lot like skiing in New Jersey, and it is. Lots of people. Lots of ice. But, the mountain (Phoenix Mountain at least) is wayyy bigger. There were some really excellent runs and I would imagine it would be the perfect environment the day after a huge snow fall. Call me spoiled, but I hate skiing on man-made snow! It's too icy. Day one Susan, Liz and I started easy on the greens, but quickly grew tired of the ridiculous lines at the bottom of the mountain. So we moved on up to some blues and blacks. Not bad for not skiing the past 2 years! I didn't fall once the entire weekend! Although I did spend most of my time on the panoramic trails (green).

I was definitely expecting a lot from the Korean style stand point. I guess I should know better by now. This is not Japan. There were some cool hats and fluorescent outfits, but for the most part it was all pretty standard. After an exhausting first afternoon out, Liz Susan and I head out to find some legit Korean style dinner. Back in the US, and Europe I would imagine, ski resorts are just that, resorts. Tons of restaurants, bars, entertainment for all ages. Not so here. There is a mountain and you ski. And that's it. There was a waterpark too from what I hear, but we weren't in the mood for that. Anyway, went out in search of a restaurant. We had a choice of two. One bulgogi restaurant or the other bulgogi (Korean BBQ) restaurant. So we went to #2 and each ordered fermented soy bean soup, beer and soju of course. Yum. Korean food is so good. As you've probably seen in my pictures, food here never comes in one dish. All meals are accompanied with banchan, side dishes. Kimchi, seaweed, sprouts, odeng, radish, etc.
It's definitely the best part of going out to eat. I think I have a full blown obsession with kimchi at this point. I need to start making it.

Anyway, after dinner we went in search of a bar. Nope no bar. And no one out. Where is everyone??? Apparently everyone goes back to their rooms and just booze it there. We decide that there must be stuff going on in the hotels. We go into the nicest looking one and hear some noise from a convention room upstairs. We meander up and find out what's going on, a ski club meeting. We ask if we can go in, and Koreans being so hospitable, of course led us right in. They served us beer and whiskey and put on great shows. "How many coats can you wear?" "The cow and the chef dance." And other weird prize games. It was awesome!!! it was all Korean people 27 and above who ski together every week. New bffs.
We recruit our new friend and decide to norabong (Korean karaoke). In Korea you pay by the hour and get your own private room to rock out in. We got one hour and quickly decided that would not be long enough. Some REM, Green Day, Blondie, Ace of Base, Under the Sea, and many more songs later, we were hoarse and exhausted. I love the norabong. Definitely need to keep going!

Day 2 skiing and I'm tired, hungover, and cranky. Susan encourages me with some Delimangu (wafflebits with vanilla cream, yum) and we head up the mountain. After a few runs Im totally not feeling it. So we stop...for some sake. Take a run, take a sake. haha Is there a better way to ski? We had such a blast trying to make it down the mountain weaving through the crowds while slightly intoxicated. And at the sake rest area, there was all you can eat kimchi and radishes. Best day of skiing ever. A quick 3 hours bus ride (and Avatar!) and we're back in Seoul. Lovely weekend out in the country!! Hopefully Suzi can make it next time!

School update:

I get a phone call Sunday evening from Jasmine teacher. She was supposed to be paid the 16th, Jan 31st and she still hadn't (me too for that matter!) so she decided she would stop going to work until she got paid. Me too. I'm not doing this out of the kindness of my hearts kids. I'm here for the bank. So I went in this AM, informed my boss I will not come back until I see the money I am owed hit my bank account and also told her I filed a complaint against the school on Friday. "Today Today. So sorry, we pay you today." Yeah sure, Ive heard that before. If they do I will go to school tomorrow, if not, see you in court Christine!

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