Monday, February 1, 2010

private tutoring rocks

Last week Susan hooked me up with a woman who she used to private tutor. This woman, Ms. Han, cancels a lot because she has lots of unexpected travel through her work in the gem industry. Susan was sick of the cancellations and passed her on to me.

Our first meeting was rather dull. I didn;t know what to expect, her level, what she wanted from the meetings, etc. and I had never taught a private lesson before. Especially not to an adult. It was pretty awkward, and I assured her the next meeting would be better because i would have more material prepared.

So yesterday Im dreading going to meet her. I get there at 5:30 and Ms. Han is hungry. She takes me to a street car where we get a snack; odeng (fish cakes I love!) and hotteok (which i had never had but was delicious). We go into a coffee shop, where she buys us coffee, and she tells me she needs help writing a business email. We spend the entire hour and half writing this great email. It was interesting to me to learn about the gem (Swarovski) business and I got to write a fun professional email which I haven't done in a while.

After we finish the email she asks if I have any appointments tonight. It's Monday, so no. So we go out to dinner. She orders like there are 12 of us, we got seafood pancakes and al tang, fish eggs soup. And, of course, a huge pot of makgeli!! Yum!!! Her friend ends up coming and we sit for hours drinking makgeli and Ms. Han is playing translator. They taught me some Korean words, I taught some English phrases, and we all got pretty wasted. Ms. Han rocks!!!

Next time Susan's presence is requested!

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