Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It had to come to an end at some point

Today was my first day back at work. After a terrible night's sleep (anxious about the first day I guess...and probably had something to do with knowing it was the end of my 2 week bender!) I got up at 8:30 and go ready for work. What a joke. It looks me less than 30 mins to get to work and I have to walk by 2000 coffee shops which is nice and convenient. Since this is technically winter vacation for kids (I work for an after school English program) most kids won't bother to show up this or next week. Since it is the break I work from 10-1, when I get my normal schedule it will be 1-4. Anyway, there were no more than 6 kids in any of my 4classes today. These kids speak very limited English and my Korean co-teacher-helper-lady Sunny is awesome. She helps translate and is totally laid back. We spent all morning making name tags. Come 1:15 and I'm done for the day! Well except my 2 privates tonight. Asa!


More Friends

Krissy Garden
She is one of my closest friends here. Krissy is from Winnipeg, Canada, and has been here for 3 years. She originally came over with her boyfriend Damien, who is now a good friend, and totally hated it. After 6 months she warmed up to Korea and will be here for the next year at least. Thank god because everyone else is leaving!! Krissy's so much fun to go out and party with and she just recently introduced me to one of the greatest things about going out dancing in Korea. 5 am chicken kababs. Krissy made me realize Canadians really aren't that bad :) hahaha this weekend we're looking for a cab at 6. We can't get one and we're freezing so we go into a GS25. She finds this "awesome" scarf on the floor and starts bragging about her new find. A few minutes later she smells something. Then notices her shirt is a little wet. She put on the puke scarf! haahahahhahahahahah. who does that!?

John is also a good girlfriend to have here in Korea. He's been here for just over 4 months and is absolutley fabulous! He's one of the few gay people I know here, and he is totally embracing the scene here and he's super fun to have around because everything is as new to him as it is to me. He likes wine night and shopping, but unfortunetly lives all the way in Mokdong. I'm currently persuading him to quit his job and move to HBC. With that said, one crappy night afew weeks ago he was out in Hongdae. He asked some rando Korea to use the bathroom inside the Korean guy freaked out and started yelling. JOhn, intoxicated, made some response "Whatever, you're stupid" and thought that was the end of it. 5 minutes later out of nowhere the guy came back swinging. He not only hit John, broke his glasses and fractured his cheek bone, but he kept going and hit our friend Nicole who proceeded to bleed from the face. Unsolicted violence is so stupid and it ended in stiches and a police report although nothing has come from that yet.

She was one of the first people i met here. Nicole was at the pool the first day. She's from South Africa and totally fun. Although I havent seen her in a while, she is constantly organizing events and trips and uniting people and friends. She's a great person to know and I hope she sticks around for a while.

Sarah Lily
What a character. She is totally fabulous, always rocks fake hair, nails and a tan, and can't be bothered by details. She's constantly working some guy and is the most vulgar hilarious person I have met here. She kind of reminds me of my best friend from home, Kati, but more in your face. Sarah is a wonderful person to hash out the details of last night over brunch with. She just quit her job and is moving to HBC. Another one joins the club :)

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