Monday, February 8, 2010

the end of the korean job saga...hopefully.

I have a job! A new job. Again!

I was all set to start my new job at a 2 hour a day kindy in April, and work teaching private lessons until then, until this morning. I got a call from James, a recruiter, who's name I got from RJ at brunch a couple weeks ago. RJ informed me he had this sweet public school job and would be leaving mid-Feb. I said pass me the info and last night I get a call from James. We set up an interview for 10 am this morning.

Interview in Korea is a very interesting term. 90% of the time an interview = job offer. Today is no exception. I meet him and James outlines the details:

Monday- Thursday
Public School (20 mins walking distance from my apt)
12:00-6 (teaching 5 classes in a row 1-5:10)
Kindy-Grade 6
10 days vacation + Korean holidays
E2 visa support (they'll pay for me to go to Japan)
best of all....

same salary i was making at BITS! For 24 hours a week! No Friday classes! This is amazing. So as badly as I feel for bailing on the school I already signed a contract with, I have to do it. How could I not!?

Tonight I have 2 privates and Ms. Han should be back next week for some more. So that's an additional million won a month almost. My summer is going to rock.

The only downside of this new job is that I have to go in tomorrow for "training." It's RJs last day so he will show me the ropes. Then I start next Tuesday (Monday is Lunar New Year.) At least I won't have to worry about starving in March!

Today, my last day of unemployment, Emily and I went out to a lovely lunch, baked cupcakes, and have been planning her birthday party all day. Then we're off to our priavte lessons and it's trivia night at the Orange Tree! Last week we came in second, going for #1this week!

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