Sunday, February 21, 2010

weekend antics

Another weekend has come to pass here in Korea. Ahh what a fun one! Friday I was absolutely worthless. Not having to work on Friday is a beautiful thing, but it definitely does nothing to motivate me to stop going out hard on Thursday nights. The fact that drinks are free at The Loft and Bricx doesn't help either!!! After a day of lounging I hit Gangnam for some pizza and a beer date. Good times.

My school has monthly Saturday meetings for the Korean teachers. Of course the first week I start they decide to invite all of the foreign teachers. Saturday. 9:30. AM. Seriously. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. They served lunch and I got to sign my contract. I think this is the fifth contract I've signed in Korea. After a quick nap it was off to Nanta with the ladies. Nanta is Korea's most popular theater attraction. It's sort of a Stomp that takes place in a restaurant. It was cute but pretty cheesy. There was a lot of knife drumming which was cool and my two friends, John and Liz, got called up on stage. It's always fun watching your friends get totally embarrassed in public! After the show the night began. I was still tired from Friday and decided that it would be a pretty chill, early night for me. Ha such nights don't exist in Ktown.

It all began with an innocent birthday dinner at Los Amigos in Itaewon. A few pitchers of beer and a quesadilla later and it was off to Scrooge's for RJ's going away. RJ is the guy who's job I took. (Thanks!) Then we head over to Gecko's for Leah and Tom's going away. We're just there hanging out and all of the sudden out of no where a parade, I'm talking 10+, fuzzies come in the door. These people were in full out animal costumes. There were a few rabbits, dogs, an alligator and even an Uncle Sam. I have no idea what it was all about but it was pretty ridiculous. They took one lap and proceeded to leave. ANYWAY. Someone decided it would be a good idea to go to Wolfhound. Isn't it always a good idea to go to Wolfhound? Ended up running into beer date from the night before and we all head out in 1:30 in the morning. Hongdae is a good 15 minute cab ride, and if you're going out there it's guaranteed to be a late night. Susan ends up passing out in the cab and when we get there refuses to go inside. haha so she takes the 15 minute cab ride home with her pissed off husband (they were supposed to go see a DJ). I go into Go-Gos and dance the night away. I'm thinking I am such a great dancer spinning around on a pole until I jump up and hit my head on the ceiling. I didn't just hit my head, I bashed it. I start profusely bleeding from the head and one of the guys who checked my head said I should probably get stitches. I'm not insured and I was pretty drunk faced, so that definitely wasn't happening. Finally at 5 we decide to call it a night and go get some Korea food. As we walk out of the restaurant I guess I missed a step or something and totally bit it onto my knees. I ripped my tights and am now profusely bleeding from the head AND both knees. Nice-uh. Then I realize the next morning that I have a huge purple bruise on my inside thigh, presumably from my awesome pole maneuvers. Why do I keep doing this to myself?

It's Monday and I am quite exhausted from all of this. Too bad it's a busy next couple of weeks. I am sooo glad that I love my new job though. I usually dread waking up Monday mornings; yet this Monday I got to work and the kids actually cheered me up. I love this school and I love the kids and I love my Korean co-teacher Sunny, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that my work day is only 3 hours!!!!!!!! It's absoultely gorgeous out today too. This is the first time we've been over 40 degrees since probably November. I decide to walk home from work, which is also another awesome perk!

I'm off to go fight for justice again tonight. BITS won't give me my letter of release from my contract. This is necessary to get my new E2 visa. It's not a big deal if I don't get anew visa immediately because my old one covers me until September. BUT i want my free trip to Japan (visa run)! So it's off to BITS tonight to demand a letter and I'm going out to dinner with Joel and the new "Lauren Teacher." haha I'll try not to scare him too much!

Jen from PES comes on Friday for the week!! I can't wait to do all of the touristy Seoul stuff I haven't done yet. It's also Susan's going away :( That's going to be a tough party to go to fight justice, wish me luck!

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