Tuesday, February 2, 2010

unemployment continues

I know I have to get a job at some point. But seriously, this rocks. I feel like it's the summer all over again; except cold. Very cold! I wake up at 11, talk on Skype, go for a run (On today's run I saw some old ajuma walking backwards down the street. hah). Check in with the downstairs unemployed neighbors, Emily and Dave, then do whatever I feel like! The past few days I have been fighting for justice against my school, but now I just have to wait. So today I went down to my new school, the one that I start in April for 2 hours a day, and signed my contract. Done did. Now I'm sitting in Tom Tom's coffee shop (It's more expensive to get a black coffee in Korea than a glass of wine/beer. This is stupid). I am currently applying for new jobs, and then after I think I'll hit the Lotte Mart for some samples of kimchi. Some things never change, right?

Last night the unemployed kids hit up the Orange Tree for trivia night. We had some random, well I guess Dave knew them, gentlemen on our team and we dominated!! We were on the "polite team with the cute girls" according to the host. He was pulling for us to win but we ended up tying for second. How do you end a tie in HBC? With a drink off of course! We nominated Dave and he had to race Sam from the other team to see who could drink a pint out of a straw the fastest. Who do you think won? We did of course. 2nd prize gets 20,000 bar tab so we immediately bought 2 pitchers and celebrated.

Tonight I think Emily and I will head to 1/2 price wine night at Vin Vino. I have never been there except for special events, so I'm curious to see what the scene is and how the wine is. I will let you know.

In other news, I am really looking forward to my visa run. Sometime in the next 3weeks I have to go to Hong Kong or Japan (well I don't have to go those places, but they're the closest.) My new school is paying airfare so that's pretty sweet. I need to seriously watch my money. I went into BITS yesterday to see where my money was and Christine assure me, again, that it will be there Friday. Oh how the story keeps changing. But if I don't end up seeing the money I'm owed there and don't have a job until March/April, I'm going to be scraping by! Good thing everything is so cheap. I have decided my new economically depressed diet will be comprised of sweet potatoes and pumpkin. Filling and cheap :) and Emart wine of course. Although I may have to switch over to soju.

Ok this is turning into bored ramblings. Man I really do have a lot of free time now. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I guess it may change when Emily goes back to work. Lesson learned through unemployment: I'm not meant to work. I am really good at this. And it makes me happy to figure out ways to spend my day. Even when it is negative 8 out! ANYWAY...

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