Wednesday, January 12, 2011

unemployment, employment, which is it!?

As I have mentioned, my contract with my school is over February 28th (which his a Monday and really stupid they make me go to work that day). This is my first completed contract! Completed contract's are sweet. Not only do I get pension when I leave for Thailand (2+ mil), I also get a bonus from my company for fulfilling my promise (another 2 mil). This is true of all schools, and really speaks to the amount of trust they have in us to keep our promises. ha OHHHH Korean contracts. Anyway, I thought after February I would do some private tutoring to pay for living and whatnot, but really just needed the free time to study. Well apparently not! The blowfish people have me 2 or 3 nights a week, the Bundang people have me 2 days a week (although that will change in February), I just got a job at Krissy's school teaching a 2 hour class on Fridays, and if that isn't enough, I just got a text message for an interview this Monday. This job would be sweet. It's a morning kindy, 10:30-12:30 Monday through Thursday, starting this March after my Thailand vacation, and would pay over a million a month. I can make as much money in my retirement as I am now! I'm hoping this morning kindy works out. It'll get me out of bed, I'll finish at 12 and then study all afternoon and have my nights free to tutor and relax. Here's hoping.

This whole January schedule has really messed with me. I used to be a morning person, but here it is, 2 weeks into the month, and I'm still struggling every morning to get out of bed and through 3 hours of class. Last night I fell asleep at 9:30. haha I wake up at 8:30, it's not even that early!

The best thing in the whole world happened. I was looking for CFA books on craigslist and ebay hoping to save a few bucks. The first go round I put out $500 for books and luckily got a scholarship for a $1,500 class which also came with books. This time I didn't want to spend too much and I have some serious vacations coming up; priorities. So on ebay I found what promised to be the Schweser books, videos, MP3s, practice tests, and a bunch of other crap, all for the discounted price of $50 (face value $1,500). Of course I was skeptical, but for $50, what do you have to lose. I had my parents order it to base. It finally arrived yesterday in a small envelope that says "Sri Lanka." Hmmm not filling my head with confidence. I open it and it's only 3 CDs. Shit. I put the first video CD in and it requires a password. I have no password. I open the 3rd CD labeled "Books" and it has all of the Schweser study books in pdf files along with the mp3, along with additional readings and practice. Asa! I brought the CD to the printer today and had my books printed for 100,000 won. I also emailed Sri Lanka for the password and he wrote right back. I'll have to test it tomorrow. So basically I got the ultimate Schweser premium package for $150. Word. If anyone has any big tests coming up, check out for books. They're amazing.

I'm currently in Zoo Coffee studying, blogging, texting, emailing. I think I need to bring less distractions with me. Off to blowfish in an hour...Today's a good day :)

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