Tuesday, January 4, 2011

welcome to 2011

So far it's been a good year. All 5 days of it. I have been writing to my boss-ish lady trying to get my Thailand ticket for March booked. She finally writes back today that I am only eligible for a flight if I renew my contract. Ahhh crap. I reread my contract and she's actually right for once. Regardless, I need to bail in March and come back on a tourist visa, so it looks like I'll still be going, now it'll just be $400 out of pocket. Buggars! Come March I'm going to need some sun anyway.

School is getting really old. I work 10-1 which is nice, but getting up early is tough!! I haven't had to get up at 8 since July. I know, I know, poor Lauren! But I guess it is working out because now I can tutor down in Bundang (the Boonies) twice a week, go straight to the blowfish people's house where I get dinner and genuinely like teaching and hanging out with the families. So this adds an extra 6 hours of tutoring a week, which is amaze-balls, as Sarah Lily would say.

There's nothing too exciting going on in Seoul in January. It's cold. It's icy. And everyone's broke after holiday traveling/spending. I am also on a hardcore saving spree. No more going out to eat every day, no more shopping (not that I really do anyway), no more wine buffets, instead it's more tofu, soups, box wine (I know, how far I have digresses in this past year...), pirated tv shows and movies. Have you checked out tvduck.com, because I live by it!

Emily is officially an Aussie now. She seems to love being a nanny, being on the beach, and being out of Seoul. I don't blame her! But it's so quiet and sad without her here. Although I have enjoyed having the house to myself this week. Dave will be back Thursday...I think. I moved down into her room which is nice because there's heat down here, but I still haven't gotten used to her bed. There's no real mattress, it's more of a pad that should go on top of a mattress. I haven't had a full night's sleep since I've been down here, so I need to figure something out. I would go buy some memory foam but it's $200+ for a single, and I have a queen. Hmmm any other suggestions???

Alright off to shower. It's 5pm and I have done nothing today. Well I wrote a cover letter which I have been trying to do for about months now, so I guess that counts as something. Tonight is the only night of going out to cheap Korean food this week. I have tutoring all other nights, so Paul and I are splurging on a 10,000 won galbi bbq dinner. hah where in the US, other than McDonalds, can you get a 2 person meat dinner with soup, and 7 side dishes?? You can't. No, no you can't.

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