Wednesday, September 9, 2009

spandex shorts are back!

My bag came! Of couse it's 1:30pm and I'm in Sincheon for the afternoon sightseeing when I get an email from David saying your bag will arrive between 1 and 2 and you need to be home. Hmm typical, right? He ended up working it so the bag would come at 5, and you'll never believe it! It actually came right at 5! Delivered straight to my room. Opening the box was kind of like Christmas since I forgot what I packed (well my mom did most of the packing actually). I have sneakers again, a yoga mat, journals, dresses!, and all sorts of other goodies I have yet to uncover because they're air-vacced into bags. I refuse to unpack until I'm in my final apartment.

Sincheon is my new favorite place in Seoul. There are just streets and streets of shopping, mostly upscale, restaurants and bars upon bars. AND I saw a cat on a leash at a restaurant. I smell dinner.

It's my understanding that bars, or what I presume to be bars as I have never actually frequented one, don't open until late in the evening. I tried to go to a Canadian bar, Beer O Clock, at 3 and the doors were locked. I thought it was always beer o clock, eh. I stand corrected. Sincheon is a playground for adults and I'm looking forward to going back at night. Back here in Gwanak, all of the places with beer mugs in the windows appear to be restaurants. Even if they are just for drinking, you have to sit at a table and there isn't an actual bar, and they're almost alway empty. I already eat alone enough I don't need to sit alone in a small booth drinking by myself too. That can be done in the privacy of my own room.

David informed me today that my co-worker, Candian Joel, will be arriving at the apartments on Saturday. I'm thinking because I'm a girl the school's giving me the bigger apt and Joel will take the one I'm currently in. Fingers crossed!!! It will be nice to have someone close by to chat with. I'm almost positive we'll be the only two non-Korean people in the building, if not in all of Bongcheon.

Feel free to call me via Skype. Generally early morning and late evenings work best, keeping in mind there's a 13 hour time difference. That may all change after I start working. Just send me an email and we'll work something out. Cheers~

Although I did get a new apartment because I was a girl, it is certainly not because it's bigger. It's because it's on the 3rd floor thus "safer." I think it just has less bugs than the bottom floor. Thanks Jasmine for the upgrade!

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