Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A good week

So far this week has been fantastic work wise! First off, for those of you (Mom) who don't think I actually have a job, I do!! I am here everyday, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. I just take more pictures when I go out AFTER work and on the weekends than I do here.

Regardless, Tuesday I finally got my immigration status taken care of and will get my ARC (alien resident card) next Friday. Yey, I can now open a bank account, get internet at Starbucks, and get a real cell phone! I get home from the immigration center and guess what! The internet in my room has started working! Yey. Given it's kind of in and out, but I was able to Skype from my room last night and this morning. Today, October 14th (I'm exactly 25 1/4 today...I hang out with kids too much) I get paid for the first time in 4 months!!! And I don't have a bank account so it's all in cash. I had to put up a fight for this one. The school director only wanted to pay me 1 million won now and the other 1.2 when I get a bank account in a week or two. The logic behind this is unclear to me. I worked for one month, it's my money, thanks. So I made up a receipt, which I learned how to do from selling my car, and demanded all my cash today. I won. 2.2 million won is a stack of money that makes it look like I robbed a bank. The largest denomination is 50,000, but 10,000 are more common.

The most important thing about this week though is that today I have learned the secret to teaching. Scissors. Give kids something to cut and glue and they're quiet. And actually cute for once. We made cut out bats that I am hanging from my ceiling. Tomorrow is BITS Olympics Day. Of course no one tells Joel and I think until today at lunch, but it's good news because it means I won't have to teach. Lesson plans cancelled! If you had a gun like this in school at home you'd be expelled...just another part of Olympic day....

This is my name in Korean: 러란

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