Monday, October 19, 2009

weekends in ktown

Friday we had an insanely fun, and colorful, pool party at the Mate Hotel in Mok-dong. It was Susan and David's birthdays so we all brought funny wigs, games and outfits to wear and then proceeded to break out the body paint. I think people are still finding paint in their hair. But the hotel was sick and we had our own personal pool and hot tub which was awesome because it's October and the Hamilton is closed :(

The weather is definitely getting cooler here which in turn is making me less and less inclined to go out during the afternoon. Saturday I eventually ventured out and went out and did some brief shopping and finally got a pedicure. So you know how I mentioned I got a dry haircut? Well I guess the same is true of pedicures. Didn't Koreans invent the pedicure? Here all they do is file and paint you nails. No foot soat. No pumice. No massage. Total BS. Another lesson learned.

Then on Saturday I met up with Emily for tacos and Mexican music. Ahhh it was great to have some cheese! Then we went over to Praha to meet up with Suzi. It still cracks me up that the three of us from middle-of-nowhere NJ all ended up in Seoul at the same time. I decided that next weekend I will go out to visit Suzi in Chuncheon. They have great hiking, are famous for their pork spine soup, and there's a big Buy The Way crawl on Friday which I have heard nothing but great things about from Suz.

Sundays here are all about brunch and hearing about every one's weekend. We had a great brunch (crappy bloody mary) at Berlin for Taylor's birthday, then went out to the Hound for some afternoon relaxation. The scene in Itaewon is funny. It's the same group of people that travel between the same group of bars. It's nice to have a tight knit group in all the same place; you dont have to chase people all over town!

Now it's back to teaching which I am enjoying it more daily. I'm getting a hang of how to deal with this kids, what they do and don't respond to, and how long it will take them to finish certain activities. And I think they're liking me. Although I now teach the little kids (3 years old) and each time I have had them Lily cries when she's left alone with me. Her mother came in last week to speak with me. She spoke great English and told me that Lily is very shy and gets embarassed easily. So when I asked her to ID some letters, she got flustered and cried. I felt so bad so today didn't put her on the spot at all. She stil cried. I'm the scary waegukin (foreigner).

Tomorrow film crews are coming in to film us teaching. They're filming it for the BITS commercial!! I'm going to be on TV! haha my 15 minutes of fame in Korea....

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