Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Last night Susan invited me to join her for a party hosted by Maker's Mark whiskey for PR magazine. PR magazine is a free publication centered around what's going on in Itaewon. For you DCers it's the equivalent of On Tap. There are quite a few of these magazines I have come to realize, and it's making me love Seoul even more. There's nothing I like better than being plugged into the happy hour and live music scenes in a city!

The party was awesome and I felt like I was back in DC albeit with a slightly older more international crowd. There were tons of people enjoying their free whiskey drinks, live music, and best of all party favors. At 10 they let you dip your own bottle into wax to seal it! I was tired so I didn't stay to wait in line, but it was nice to have a little feeling of home after all of these weeks away.

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