Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Paradise Lost

Day three consists of more beach chillin, a few long swims, some nice walks on the beach, and a sunset-ocean-side massage ($7 one hour, full body, yeahhhhh). After changing and getting ready for the night {im rocking my awesome DC original Adidas-Madonna-wannabe in the 80s dress} I head back to the Blue Mango for a beach bbq. Tom's scuba class just finished their certification, and since they're cool, he's hosting a bbq. We have chicken, fish, the biggest shrimp I have ever seen, a salad, ribs, and this creepy dude Dean from across the way even brought us his left over birthday cake. What a feast! There were three girls there who just finished their year long contracts in Degu, South Korea! Small world! They were all travelling together and were headed back to the UK. They had absolutley nothing but great things to say about Korea and they even found some soju in Boracay to bring back memories. Or perhaps erase some new ones. Then there was a German couple. Both super attractive but they mostly kept to themselves, and another couple from Northern England. Their accents were so thick you couldn't really understand them. So all in all there were 11 of us with plenty o tequila and beer!

After dinner we played some soju drinking games and headed down the beach to the Jungle Bar. This is a cool bar!!! Tree houses and bamboo everywhere! We were the only ones there- Thursday night in November isn't big I guess- and we ordered the flaming volcanos. This was the most impressive drink I have ever seen. Henry take note. It starts with a martini glass on the bottom filled with god knows what, then a normal glass sitting in it and a normal glass stacked upside down on top of that one. So it's basically a huge tower of 3 glasses. Then they stack a shot glass of blue booze (blue curaco?) on top. The final step. The namesake; the volcano pour. The bartender takes a second shot of something, lights it on fire, and pours it into the blue one. It pours fire down the glasses into the martini glass where you are sucking the shot out with a straw. It's quite the show!

The next morning and it's time to pack and go. I have a final lunch with Danny and he walks me (through the most ghetto round about way ever; we got so lost and basically climbed a mountain) to the road to catch a trike. Trike->ferry->trike->bus->plane and I'm back in Manilla. Yuck. Manilla sucks. It's smelly, congested, and just has an overall rankness about it. And the people are ugly and fat. I had 3 or so hours to kill before my flight so I decide to hop on a Jeepny and head to the Mall of Asia for dinner. I get into the Jeepny and ride it to the end and some guy tells me to get out. He offers to take me to dinner. Wow everyone's so nice here. So we take a cab the rest of the distance to the Mall and I pay. Not even splitting it? This dude's sketch. So he procedes to tell me he's not hungry and is looking for restaurants. You know what, I'll take it from here! And I sent him packing. I have no idea what he wanted, but I didn't want to find out either.

I get some food and check the internet for the first time in a week. "lauren, this is your mother, hope you're having fun." Few days later. "Lauren i know youre on vacation but if you could send an email it would be nice to know you're ok." Finally, "Lauren, where are you!!!??" Ooops!!! Not much internet (or time) while on the beach in Boracay. Mom, I promise during Christmas I will check in more often!!!

I get back to Seoul (after a whole ordeal with a lack of cash and paying terminal fees in the Philippines- Im a fugative. Perhaps that story another day) and the puddles are frozen and it's -1degree C. Awesome. Stupid Korea. haha no it's good to be back but I definitely miss the 30 degree weather!

Next; Vietnam->Cambodia->Thailand.

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