Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10ks are killing me

Roughly 2 weeks ago I awoke to a swollen and most painful toe. It's the one next to the pinkie on the left foot, and no other toes appear irritated. I let it go for a few days and then it started peeling off. Then the nail started falling off. I even wore my school slippers out to the bar Friday (which was a poor choice because it ended up down pouring!! soft slippers soak that freezing rain up!) and it was no better for the lack of shoes. After about a month of "Yeah your health insurance card is on it's way" I decide my toe is looking grosser than ever, although less painful, and I can't take it anymore. I have Jasmine teacher hook me up with a dermatologist.

I am literally in there 10 minutes. The Dr. takes one look says it's irritated (oh yeah, good call buddy) but it isn't a fungus like I was afraid. NOTE: Last week I had my best week of Korean running. I ran a 10k (hasn't been done since August) and the next day ran a 5k. I think I ran 4 times that week. Well, apparently that has caused me to lose my toe...well the nail and the skin on top. Doc says no running for 7-10 days. It's already been 7!!!!! Ahhh. No running. Has he ever met me!? At least my biggest fear wasn't realized; amputation....this time around. Pray for my poor toe.

This is what happens when you wear the same shoes for 6 months too long. But KOREANS don't make shoes bigger than 250. I wear a 260. Mens shoes are too wide. If anyone has some new shoes they'd like to send me for Christmas, I would greatly appreciate it (9 1/2 American) I like Mizunos, Saucony, Brooks, and anything by Gucci.

Today at school we FINALLY have mac and cheese day! The whole reason I wanted to do this at school was because a) cheese is expensive here and b) you can't find mac and cheese anywhere. So as I'm looking through the ingredients this morning and I realize we're missing some. I tell Claire teacher and she runs out to get them....Singles (like Kraft but some Korean version) and the most Philadelphia cream cheese I have ever seen!! I think she missed the point here.

Anyway, I decide to make due. The recipe I had was from Jessica Seinfeld and was all about sneaking veggies into kids' favorites. Because the don't have butternut squash here I decided to use pumpkin. Class 1 I make it with the kids and it's surprisingly good by my standards, just more pumpkiny than cheesy. The kids were disgusted. They thought I was crazy. They're like "THIS is your favorite food." Well some variation of THIS. Class 2- same grossed out reaction. Class 3- Cedar my homeroom- ate it up! They thought it was delish!!

Lesson learned. Mac and Cheese doesn't appeal to the Korean palate. I suppose good luck trying to get an American kid to eat kimchi or dried squid....

Christmas we're making cookies. You can't mess that up right? Kids love cookies! Have you ever tried a Korean cookie....?? :(


Tomorrow it's off to a going away party, then Friday I'm headed to a play with my co-teachers Jay and Joel. Jay is leaving BITS shortly so it's probably our last (well and first) hurrah. The play is roughly translated to "The Ballerina and the B-boy." haha should be interesting. 2 plays in one week!!! Saturday- back to the wine tasting and out for some going away/birthday/DJ parties. And Sunday, I am sooo pumped, I'm going up to Gwanghummuan (totally spelled wrong) for ice skating and a snowboarding contest. How you have a snowboarding contest in the middle of a city I don't know, but if anyone can pull it off, it's those crazy Koreans. Love em.

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