Friday, December 11, 2009


Today at school was one of those days that reminds you that you are amongst five year olds; in a good way. Firstly in my Willow class, Erika wrote her journal about a vacation to the ocean. After they write a few sentences they draw a picture. Her picture consisted of two people swimming, naked, with full on penises. haha i guess that's ok. Made me laugh certainly and they're not as prude as us Americans anyway, huh?

Then I was teaching my Juniper class and handed out stickers for doing a good job on their journals. I explained my mom mailed these stickers, from America, just for them. Tina (6) goes, "Your mom is the coolest. And so is teacher. And teacher is beautiful today. Teacher is beautiful everyday." Tina A+ and an extra sticker for that comment. I <3 her.

At lunch Henry (5) looks at me and in perfect English says, "and how are you today teacher?" Who knew they could be so thoughtful!? These are they kids who call me Piggy Teacher because I eat all of the kimchi at lunch. The same class later on comes into my room and ask if it's game day. It is. I tell them no, we're not playing games anymore, only taking tests (I don't give tests). They all put their heads down and refuse to talk to me. I tried to explain it was a joke; just pulling their chain; sure we'll play games. It was just way beyond them. I don't know if they'll ever trust me again. haha.

Kids are funny.


But yey it's Friday. After a lovely evening of red wine and friends last night, tonight's chill night at the play should be a good change of scenery. "The Ballerina and the B Boy." Bring it.


Last night, after 3 months of searching, I found a pair of men's shoes that actually fit. They were narrow. Fit in the toe. Blue. Not totally ugly. And not some no name company (Adidas!) Tomorrow the running begins again. Screw you toe.

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