Friday, December 18, 2009

apartment hunting sucks....

...when you've been looking for a two bedroom and your roommate bails last minute. Ahh. I have spent the past four days calling, touring, stalking craigslist, for a two bedroom only to get a phone call Thursday at eleven thirty from my supposed roommate. "Yeah I can't afford this now....I don't know how long I'll be in Korea." Um you didn't know this FOUR freakin days ago? I could have moved already!!! Back to square one. Oh and did I mention it's negative 6 out every night!?? Perfect weather to be apartment hunting in.

Anyway, I think I have a plan. My friend Tayler is moving to Taiwan in January with his girlfriend Paula. Tayler lives with Courtney who I know, and someone else, not sure who, and they need a new roommate come January 7th. They live in a great area right off the main street next to my favorite restaurant Indigos (3,000 won for glass of wine! and the best pesto sandwich!). The rent is super cheap, and let's be honest, anything is better than my current closet. So I will move my stuff into Dave's apartment tomorrow, go to Vietnam for a week, spend the Saturday I get back at the Mate Hotel (Susan's hosting another party), spend Monday on Krissy's couch and Tuesday through Thursday at Susan's. and January 7th I will be housed! Woohoo. I don't ever do things the easy way. I'm starting to think there is no easy way.

Off to the gym (I think i had 3+ pieces of chocolate cake at school today :) ) then to pack. Yey Friday night. Going to be a wild one. At least tomorrow there's a martini party!

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