Monday, May 24, 2010

busan baby

For the three day-buddha's birthday-weekend a bunch of us head down to Busan. On the KTX speed train it's just over 2 hours. We arrive early, get a hotel, and hit the beach. It's absolutely gorgeous out, finally!! We laid out, played volleyball, and jetskied all day. These thong clad tan Korean men kept driving their jetskis up to the beach, picking people up for rides, then would dump you back at shore. And I mean dump. I had such a blast shooting around!

Saturday turned out to be totally miserable. it was cold and rainy, not the ideal weather for a weekend at the beach. We all made the best of it and went screen golfing. Screen golf is awesome! I can't believe that was my first time. We had 5 people playing in our room and the 9 hole course we played took us well over 5 hours. Professional golfers we are not!!! I didn't come in last (a close 3rd!) so I was happy. Sunday was again another cold miserable day. We kind of just poked around until we had to headout for our train.

We arrive at the train station in what we think is plenty of time to get on our "10:22" train. We dick around trying to find food and shop, then try to find the track. Hm no KTX trains listed, how strange. We ask the ticket woman and she informs us the last KTX train left 5 minutes ago at 10:05. Waiiiit. While looking at our train tickets we looked at Friday's arrival time of 10:22 and thought that was the leaving time. Ahhh shit. So we try to get another one. No more KTX tonight. Only the slow train. And it's full. Standing room only. Shit. SHit. Shit. The woman tries to charge us more money for this crap train and we say screw it and just get on anyway. There seriously were no seats. The four of us went to the last train car, ducked under the last rows of chairs and attempted to lay down and sleep for the next 6 hours. Finally at 3:30 am, we arrive back in Seoul.

Ugh a beach weekend is exhausting!!! It's still raining back here in Seoul. This week I plan to lay low, save some money, and prepare for my parents to come!! I can't wait~

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