Monday, May 31, 2010

McPhates invade Korea!

Two days and the McP parents will be here in Seoul!!! I can't wait! Ms. Han called today to say that she thought the DMZ tour I found was too expensive, so she offered to drive us!! Private tour of the DMZ with Ms. Han. Asa- she says she hasn't been in 20 years so we should do some research first. Maybe...

Before the parents come there is a lot to do! This past weekend was HBC festival, so needless to say, no cleaning, or much of anything productive went on. HBC fest is conprised of bands playing throughout the neighborhood. All of the restaurants run special promotions and participate. My fav place H (magkeolli bar) served sushi and cheaper magkeolli. Amazing. We listened to music and hung out in the sun all day, it was a lot better than the one they had in October where it rained the whole time. Sunday was spent at the pool. It was a little overcast but we got some good sun and ended up hangning out with the Shanghai softball team who was in town for a 24 hour tournament. Then I went with Sarah, Matt (Sarah's new love interest from Busan), Kristen and Adam (who are now hooking up since Busan as well!) to a movie screening. It was a Korean movie about 71 student soldiers who held off the Northern army for 11 hours by themselves in the Korean war. It was super depressing, but wonderful visually. It's called "71 Into the Fire" if you're interested.

Funniest part of last weekend. Rohan, Emily's friend from Ridge, NJ, came last Wednesday to visit for 2 weeks. He made it 3 days before bailing back to the US. He came over and confessed his love to Emily "I would die for you," and let's just say it was less than reciprocated. I guess his little heart was broken and so while Emily and i were out at HBC fest, he came back, packed and took off without saying a word. He mentioned to Emily earlier he was thinking about leaving early, but no one saw this coming. Ha too funny. Worked out for me because I was sick of the "she's so great, why doesnt she like me" schpiel :)

So yeah, 2 days and the festivities begin. Woohoo!

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