Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HK bound!

It's been a pretty normal, calm week here in Seoul, except for this morning when I was awoken to a siren that went of for no less than 10 minutes followed by some Korean warning message. I thought perhaps we were being bombed, but my roommate didn't seem worried. So I suppose I should explain that I live right behind Yongsan base. It's the biggest US base in Korea (I think, maybe I'm making that up, it's certainly the biggest in Seoul) and I live behind the wall. From my (sweet!) roofdeck I can see into base and see the army trucks and whatnot. Anyway, I suppose this morning was just a drill because Courtney, my roommate, assured me if it were a real problem we would hear all of the army trucks driving off base. Whew!

SO anyway, quiet week here in Seoul. I'm still on the injured list and am 90% sure I will not be running in Jeju. I thought I was just sore from overtraining, but it's been over a week now and my hip is still killing me. Anytime I walk for more than 10 minutes it gets super still and I have to limp. My friends keep saying i should go to a doctor, but I can't imagine what he'll say except stay off it. Which brings up another topic. I asked my boss the other day when I would be getting my health insurance. He said soon soon. Then I get a call from him that evening saying my last school never cancelled my old insurance. Oh you mean the insurance I had to fight with them for 5 months to get, which eventually led to my quitting, is now causing me a problem from being insured at my new school!? But of course. Here it is 4 months after I quit and BITS is still giving me a headache! ah.

In good news, I'm going to HONG KONG tomorrow!!!! yey!! Emily needs to go on a visa run and I wanted someone to go with, so we're taking a weekend and going. We have a list of about 400 things we want to do, but a short 3 days to do it all. But it's supposed to be in the 80s and have awesome shopping. I can't wait.


Life plans post-Korea

I still have about a year here, but I've been weighing my options more and more recently. First I thought I would go home for a year or so, move to Napa, and get some sort of wine accredidation. From there I would move to Argentina (because their wine school would be in Spanish, which I don't speak!) and work on a vineyard. But now I'm thinking, skip the middle man. I think I will move straight to Australia, get some wine degree there WHILE working on a vineyard. It's super easy to get a one year working visa, and I'm already on this side of the world, so why not? Any thoughts??

If you don't hear from me in the next week or so you can find me in a Chinese prison :)

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