Tuesday, August 17, 2010

more on malaysia later...

more important news to share first! Last do Wednesday I went to Emily's dentist (she got invisiline from him) for a consultation on getting vaneers. They are something I have wanted for over 4 years now, but they're so expensive. I heard they were half the price here, and now that I have some money saved I thought it would be a good chance to go see what the deal was. I was only planning on being in there for a half hour, two hours later and I walked out with bleached teeth and an appointment to get my top 8 put on the following Friday!!! WOOHOO!!! The teeth bleaching was service, I guess if you spent a few grand you get free whitening. Asa. And since they make the teeth right there in the office, I dont have to get temporary ones while they make the new teeth. I go in at 10am this Friday and walk out at 6 pm (I was told I have a break in the middle, I hope!!!) with beautiful perfect teeth.

The timing of this is quite funny though. Right after I paid, I meet with some people from my new company who inform me some changes will occur. First, we need to now send an email when we get to work and when we leave, like a punch card. Seriously?? And we need to work our contracted 5 hours a day. Ummm I only teach 3, what do you expect me to do for 2 extra hours with no AC and one computer between 3 of us????? Not going to happen. Also, my school is the only one within our company to have 2 foreign teachers. Usually it's one native speaker and one Korean. So it looks like after a few months they're going to want to move us in that direction. At this point I'm wondering if I should quit or if I'll be fired. It's never easy here!! haha and good thing I just laid out most of my savings....

Oh well, there's always Australia or the CFA or something huh??

Last weekend Paul and I went to the beach. Got in Friday night, booked a room, and went out to the beach. We met some really cool Koreans who invited us to hang out with them even though they didn't speak English. We lit off fireworks and drank beers on the beach. On Saturday we made our way to the beach and within 10 minutes of getting there it starts to downpour. We chilled at a restaurant and had a quiet afternoon. Sunday was beautiful. We laid out and watch the ridiculousness that is Korean beaches. Korean must be fully dressed at all times and covered by an umbrella and a tent. God forbid your skin sees the sun!!! They can't really swim so everyone has a floaty or raft of some sort, and theyre all drinking and eating. It doesn't matter what time it is, everyone has a beer and soju in hand. Too funny. After some yummy fresh off the boat sashimi, we're making our way back to the bus station when this old man approaches us and asks where we're from (there are NO foreigners in Sokcho). We tell him and he invites us to come listen to him. He and his buddies are chilling in a gazebo on the beach singing Korean ballads and his one friend has a trumpet. They were amazing. After a few songs he grabs Paul and I and says, "Your turn." Ughhh what do you want us to sing??? haha so we started with some Silent Night then broke into the Killers. I think they were entertained and we certainly were. Paul's first noraebong-ish experience in Korea. We got our bus home and after a few beers decided to continue the noraebong on. We each took an earphone from my ipod and continued belting the Killers. We were popular on the bus :)

Off to go tutor, tomorrow's hopefully a pool day, and then it's time to start getting ready to go home. Lots of loose ends to tie up before leaving!!!