Tuesday, August 24, 2010

promise, one day i will finish writing my experiences in malaysia

Today is just not that day.

So I got my new teeth! Hooray. I really like them and they look natural; aka not like Hilary Duff teeth. They look big, as I guess most vaneers do, but they're super white and straight!!! I spent a looooong day at the dentist, but will never ever have to do that again. I hope. On the way to the dentist I fell asleep on the bus. As a result, almost missed my stop and didn't think to check the time on my phone until off said bus. Hmm no phone in my pocket. Definitely fell out while I was sleeping. Being the genius that I am, it didn't occur to me to call it until the next day when my friend Renee suggested it. How brilliantly obvious. I call, some Korean dude answers. There just happens to be a Korean chick hanging out on the roof at the pool with us, so I hand the phone to her. She explains to me that it's at the bus terminal, which I had accidentally been to once before when I took the bus the wrong way....all the way to the end of the line.

Monday I decide to take the hour and half field trip to the end of the line to retrieve my beloved phone. I get there. "Handa pone. Anyeo (no)." We look all around this shack of a "bus terminal" and there are no phones. That's interesting because just two days ago they said it was there!!!! Of course they speak zero English and I speak minimal Korean, so they couldn't even tell me where else it could possibly be. I said "Odayeo (where)" and they assumed because I knew one word I was fluent in Korean. The dude continued on a 10 minute rant in Korean while I just stared blankly at him. Time to go. Get back on the bus (after I finished the book I was reading, bah!) to go an hour and half back sans phone.

By the time I'm getting close to my house it's about time to go tutor Ms. Han's son Jun. So I hop off the bus and onto the subway for another 40 minutes to get up to their house. I get there and ring the door to get into the building. A man answers, clearly speaks no English and won't buzz me in. Odd, and I know I'm at the right apartment because I've been there twice before. I wait outside the door, mind you with no phone or any way to get in touch with anyone, until someone lets me in. I go up to their apartment, ring the bell and again the same man mumbles something and won't let me in. At this point I don't know what to do, so I just go and get back on the subway. Basically 5 hours of my day were totally wasted riding around on puublic transportation. And for what? At a grocery store near Ms. Han's apt I found 3 blocks of tofu for 1,000 won. So I guess it wasn't a total loss. haha good thing I have nothing but free time!

Today I got a new phone. It was 30,000 won and it's a piece, but it works and I still have the same number. This is why there is a cell store on every corner here. Phones just disappear.

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