Monday, August 30, 2010

playing on the pitch

Even though it had been raining for the past two weeks, we still somehow enjoyed playing a cricket match in the swamp that was the pitch. Emily's boyfriend, his brother, and good friend Rich, all play pretty competitively on a cricket team here in Seoul, well actually it's in Suwon, about an hour outside Seoul. It's getting late into the season so they wanted to have a fun game, so naturally Emily, Paul, Nicole and I couldn't resist. We drew up teams at the bar on Thursday, picked captains (me!), and decided on team colors after we recruited a few more sorry souls.

Saturday afternoon we all made our way down to Suwon (some of us more on time than others...), Cass cans in hand, and learned the joys of playing cricket. This is now the second cricket game Ive watched/participated in, and I still have not a clue what was going on. People just seem to run back and forth, get out every now and then, and you only switch sides once. And apparently the score gets up into the hundreds. I was told I scored 2 points. Go me! ha

When it was my turn to bat, I geared up and ran out. I told Luke, who was pitching, just to yell when I should run and stop. Worked well enough except I kept forgetting to hold onto the bat. I'm used to chucking it when you hit. Basically we got absolutely soaked, pretty wasted, and had a great workout! It's 2 days later and I'm still sore!!

Next weekend Paul and I are heading to Carribean Bay. It's the biggest water park in the world!!! Then the next weekend I'll be in NYC!! Just a week and a half now :)

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