Tuesday, November 16, 2010

das gluwhein

Gluwhein party was a huge success! Emily had a disastrous day of apple picking, let's just say it was true Korean style, and I spent the day outside not preparing for the party, but it all came together. There was a great turnout, minimal drama...just kidding. There's always drama. Apparently Brooke made out with David while David's girlfriend Emily (different one) was outside smoking a cigarette. Brooke didn't know he had a girlfriend and everyone else just felt awkward. It was pretty funny. We bought a ton of $2 wine. It shouldn't actually be called wine. Perhaps more like, slightly alochol-ed juice. We dumped that with whiskey, cinnamon, apples, and chai tea bags into a pot and heat her up. It was divine.

Sunday was another funday. We had a bunch of people over for pancakes, eggs and bacon. The party continued all day and I think we were all feeling it on Monday. Tomorrow is Sunny teacher's last day. They finally found a replacement so she's obsayeo. Boo. Ugh if only I could find a new job. Apparently after February the school won't renew its contract with my company. At least now I have a deadline!

This weekend should be exciting. I have my first blowfish class Friday, all you can drink at Oktoberfest from 1-5 in Gangnam Saturday, and a 10k race Sunday am. The jury's still out on that one :)

Weather's turning and it's getting pretty miserable to be outside. Oh and in my school because have I mentioned we don't have heat?! That best get fixed soon. Off to apply for jobs followed by an eel dinner. It's almost hump day....

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