Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Soju wanna get in a fight

Last Friday night was possibly one of my favorite/most Korean nights I've had here. I was in Namdaemun (a market) on Thursday poking around and noticed a plethora of soju tents. These are literally tents with makeshift kitchens in them, plastic stools, and plenty of ajusis. The point is to go drink mek-ju and soju and eat. In Korea you don't drink without eating. We, as foreigners, can get away with this more so, but if your Korean it's expected if there is a drink on your table, there is also a plate of something as well. So in these tents you find old men boozin it hard. I thought this looked fun, and seeing as I had nothing going on Friday, and have been getting sick of Itaewon and Hongdae, decided this would be a good little diversion. Paul and I head over there 10ish on a Friday only to find the Namdaemun market shut down! We finally found one tent found two little stools and plopped down. We are clearly not their market. Everyone in there, especially the ajuma cooking (who was the only other woman), looked at us like aliens. At this point my Korean is good enough to order and make it known I'm not some tourist here for the weekend. We ordered a mekju, soju and ojinga (squid). The squid was awesome. Cooked perfectly and sprinkled with sesame seeds. I wish I could order it like this everywhere. Anyway, the old dudes next to us start trying to talk to us. By talk I mean, they talk, pour soju shots and laugh. We all get pretty drunk and they try to get us to go back to their what I can only guess, was their hotel room. We politely decline and keep drinking. A good friend (korean) came to meet us and for whatever reason started in on some random dude. Apparently the other guy called my friend young which was a huge insult to his ego, and all of the sudden punches were being thrown. Man I thought the tent was going down. It eventually made it's way outside. I just sat with the ajuma and waited, Paul tried to help but at the same time didn't want to get in trouble and deported, and my friend was just out for blood. The cops came. hahahah I can't even tell you how funny this statement is. Cops came to a fight. In Korea. hahahahahah. I've never ever seen the cops interfere in someones business ever. I've certainly never seen them arrest someone. And I've never even heard of them being called somewhere before. So the fact they showed up was pretty monumental. What did they do? Absolutely nothing. They got the two parties separate I guess, but after that, we all went on our merry little way. I LOVE SOJU TENTS. Paul and I are plotting our next destination.

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