Thursday, November 4, 2010

time time time time

Apparently is all I have these days. I definitely fill my day, but it's usually doing pretty worthless stuff like walking two hours to get anywhere. At least my butt's looking good. The only part time tutoring Ive been finding is early in the morning which I don't find to be worth my time. And all of the other jobs throughout Asia in the Finance world, I have gotten negative or no responses for. Maybe I should broaden my horizon....

Sunny teacher's last day is next Tuesday :( I'm going to miss her! She always interrupts my class with really important info ("Ricky Martin's gay!" "The miners are out"...) and she's super cute and gives me daily weather (although usually wrong) updates. So this Monday her replacement, KP, came in for training. She's super cute and nice but has no teaching experience. Her job is mostly secretarial anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter too much. Today, Thursday, and she's not here. She comes later very quickly and leaves. Sunny teacher explains to me that she doesn't think she can do the hours and that she just found out that morning she's pregnant! Smells like an excuse to bail to me!!! Poor lady. No one wants this job. They must get paid really crappy! Apparently the backup is coming in tomorrow for training. Markus and i are pretty sure we can scare her off in only 2 days....

I was teaching my kids neck tie the other day (we have really stupid books). I asked when Dad wears a necktie. They're quiet. I make some suggestions, "Parties, church, work, weddings, funnerals."

"Teacha, what's a funera?"

I motion to cutting my neck and then praying.

"No, no teacha. Dat's a rope." hahahahhahahahahahhaha

They are cute!

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