Friday, November 26, 2010

turkey soup fail

So our Thanksgiving party was a roaring success. Tons of food, wine, and friends. So today, Friday morning, while cleaning I decide to make turkey soup with the leftover bones. My mom and aunt instructed me to fill a pot with bones, cover them with water, and allow to boil for a few hours. I was here for the first hour or so, but decided after gorging on leftovers, I would go out for a run. I was gone a mere 30 minutes when I returned. Outside my apartment smelled like burnt something. We have Filipino neighbors downstairs, so I figured they were bbqing something. Nope. I opened the door only to be blinded by a thick cloud of smoke. The entire apartment was filled. It looked like backdraft exploded in the kitchen. Quickly I ran to the stove, turned it off, then ran around with towels spinning in the air. I didn;t know what to do and if someone had peeped in, they probably would have thought I went insane. Finally I get the pot (which was covered) off the stove and outside. I opened the door and every window (one, the rest are all duck taped shut for winter. Yes, I do live in a classy establishment, quit judging) and put all of the fans on. At this point I need to shower because I have to go meet Ms. Han. My room is three steps up and has zero windows and hey, you know what, smoke rises. Even after I put fans in there I would have to hold my breath grab everything I could and run back downstairs. Ugh, and the smell!!! I didn;t want to close the door because of the smoke, but didnt want to leave it open while I was closed in the shower. So I left the bathroom door open, hid all the laptops, and hoped no one came in. No one did thankfully. I left all the fans on when I left and notes on all of my roommates doors. "If it smells like burnt turkey it's because I burnt a turkey." "North Korea just bombed our apt, they apologize for the smell." After I met Ms. Han I came back armed with scented candles, febreeze, and air fresheners of all kinds. PS Ms. Han didnt booze me up this time :( Just tea. Anyway, the smell is a little better, and best of all Dave was here (he was gone for the week) and didn't want to kill me. I thought I was going to have to search for a new apartment. Fingers crossed Emily doesn't hate me!!!! FYI I did this after the apartment was sparkling clean and smelled only for 409!!! FML

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