Thursday, December 2, 2010

life plans parte 300

I've been kind of stressing recently about finding a job, the end of my contract, and planning my upcoming trips. I can't do much for Christmas, but would like to meet Brian in Tokyo in February and take a week with Paul in March; I'm between Bali and somewhere in Thailand. Then I get an email from a lady at my company saying my contract officially ends February 15th. Hmmm. At the end of my contract I will get a flight anywhere. This presents a lot of options.

After some plotting, I think I have devised a new life plan. Originally it was leave Korea after a year. Then it was leave Korea and move to Argentina or Australia. Then it was stay til March. Then it was move to Hong Kong, or Singapore, or anywhere in Asia. Here's the new and improved plan. Finish my contract in Feb, hope they'll keep me on through the end of March (that's when the school will pick a new company; I'm guessing not mine) then do private tutoring until June. This will allow me lots of free time to study for the CFA Level II exam. I can take this June 5th, right here in Seoul. Krissy is leaving after 5 years in June, and Paul's one year contract will be over then as well. So after I finish the test we can go travel for a month or two. Then when fall rolls around, start the hardcore job hunt again. Right now I'm thinking an India-> Prague trip sounds nice.

PS boo to December and snow. I hate cold and my school still hasn't gotten a heater!!!

Saturday I'm heading down to Busan for the opening of Wolfhound Busan. Party bus with 45 people. Wooohooo, road trip!


  1. I just moved to Bongcheon and saw your old post about the gym...where is the gym in Bongcheon?

  2. Sorry for the late reply. It's at the top of the hill in the basement of the police station. Have you found it??

    There's also a new, super nice one over in Kyungridan. It's pretty expensive though