Sunday, December 19, 2010


I love this little netbook. I for sure thought with internet access anywhere I would be better at keeping up this blog. FAIL. Ill try, Ill try, its hard during the holidays. Too many parties and not enough typing time!

Things are great here in Seoul. The weather finally warmed up a bit, there were a few days of -10. I do not miss it! Now the countdown to Christmas is on. We did our Secret Santa exchange yesterday. Of course everyone knew who everyone had, to be fair there were only 6 of us. I got Emily a photoalbum of Seoul memories, Sarah got Paul a bottle of wine, Emily got Joe a bottle of tequila, Joe got Nicole "The Kite Runner" (it was hers) and a bottle of wine, and Nicole got Sarah eyelash serum (which she asked for). What did my secret santa get me you ask. A big fat nothing! haha Paul had me and didnt have time to find what he wanted to get me. I already warned him this secret santa would not be a detraction from my Christmas present, it would be a bonus. Then I guessed what it was he wanted to get me....a wallet! I look like a homeless person everytime I go to pay for something now. There's a huge gash in the side and it looks pretty raggamuffin as my mom would say. So now I get to go pick one out with Paul.

Today I didn't have to work. Markus and I switched, he usually has Monday off and I have Friday off, because he's going to Switzerland on Thursday night to visit his brother and new nephew for Christmas. And thank god I didnt work today. Sunday Funday was a little too fun yesterday! Tonight I'm going down to Suseo to tutor blowfish kids, then taking the subway down to Bundang (not even in Seoul) to tutor a middle school boy and his little sister. Then itll be an hour an 1/2 trek home...shold be back 11ish. This Bundang thing is going to need to end.

Oh also in exciting/what am I thinking news, I am officially a candidate for the June 5th CFA Level 2 exam in Seoul. I did it. I'm locked into Korea for another 6 months. Ahhh the studying/guilt ridden hell begins again.....

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