Thursday, December 9, 2010

merry christmas to me!

I have the best parents in the whole world! I got my Christmas packages this evening from America!! I open the first and there are a couple of wrapped gifts and then a stocking stuffed with goodies and a ton of food; pop tarts, crystal light, cookie mix, hot chocolate (godiva!), marshmellows, yogurt covered raisons. Oh my. I open the second larger box and there's a ton of wrapped gifts and 2 that say "Open now."

The first is a Christmas CD. Emily and I have been rocking out to Christmas songs since Thanksgiving, so we were in need of a new playlist. Then the second box. A netbook!!! I know I broke the last two and probably don't deserve a new one, but it rocks. It's tiny, red, and super cute. Perfect for carrying around while I'll be studying. I love this thing!

I wish I could be home for Christmas this year. The whole family will be wihout but me :( I will definitely be home next year. At least this year I'll be in a country that celebrates Christmas, and I'll be with my friends. We're going to do a secret santa exchange, lunch at a neighbors, and a hotel party at night.

Merry Early Christmas!!! And thanks again family, I love you!!

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