Friday, October 29, 2010

a very ghetto halloween

Yesterday at school we had our annual Halloween party. Halloween parties at public elementary schools are verrry different than those at private Hagwons. At my Hagwon last year all of the teacher's get decked out. Every single student gets decked out. We have organized games, and candy, and snacks, and activities for everyone to partake in. Halloween at public school not so much. I walk in at 1 wearing my devil ears, red pants, bright red eye make-up, while gripping my pitchfork. Sunny is delighted with this, and what is she wearing? She's wearing a red sweater and that's it. Well I mean pants too, but no Halloween costume. Then Markus comes in. He's wearing a hoodie. Sunny informs me she bought candy. Candy= one bag of cheap lollipops. Games = a few worksheets with ghosts and haunted houses. haha. Oh well I guess Halloween in public school just means an excuse not to teach for a day. I'll take it!

Friday and still no job. The recruiter that really likes me keeps offering me morning jobs. I'm talking 7-8am. No thanks! I told him I am only willing to do evening jobs, and it's legit because in January I switch my schedule for a month. Just as in the summer, winter vacation means a modified schedule. So instead of 1-4, it's 10-1. Which is nice, but in the winter I don't really know what all there is to do in the afternoon. Perhaps I'll take up knitting. Anyway, this morning I typed out all of my level tests for next Tuesday, has some sushi and headed out. It's a beautiful day! I hear back home it's been in the 80s. Well not here. It's been cool, and today was actually sunny and I think hit 63! So I walked from Hongdae to Emart (roughly 4 miles), got ingredients for dinner, and home. I think all in all about a 6.5 mile walk. I didn't want to run today since I'm doing a 10k tomorrow, so this was the compensation. The 10k is a Halloween themed race which I didn't realize until last night. I guess I'll pull out the devil ears again. Tonight to carbo load for my extensive 6 miles tomorrow (ha I hope I can make it! I'm so out of shape) I'm going to make linguini and clams. I have never made this before, but I've watched Trisch Lagana do it for years, so I think I can handle it. I bought what I think are clams, white wine and linguini, so I should be good to go. Throw some garlic and red pepper flakes and it's a winner. Alright off to start that now! Happy Halloween!

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