Monday, October 25, 2010


This morning I went for my "interview." It was actually an interview!! Weird. They asked my about my experience and backround etc...and then I had to give a sample class while they taped it. Who knew real interviews even happened here. Regardless, they loved me and are looking for some part time work for me. They will provide the books and best of all, the classes are all for adults! No more kids!

So my computer is dead. I am going to take it today to a repair shop, but I'm not hopeful. 2 computers dead in 4 months. NIce-uh. I suppose if they can't fix it I will have to rely on the PC Bongs and the use of Emily and Paul's computers(because Im too poor to buy a new one).

Had a good weekend even though I wasn't home for the races :( Friday night was chill; just some Real Housewives with the ladies. Saturday I got Paul to run with me!! It was absolutely gorgeous out and he agreed to run with me even though he hasn't run in 5 months. He did well too! He finished a whole 5k with me. We went and had an aweosme brunch with Emiluy (berry/ricotta brioche french toast and eggs pesto avocado) and hung out in Itae. Another chill day although there was some drama Saturday night. Paul's friend Garrett met us at the bar. He hadn't slept since two days prior. Let's just say he was "fun" and he ended up getting thrown out of the Wolfhound after we left. People don't get thrown out of bars here. He must have really worked it. Then Paul found out a friend (cricket team member- we have learned through Emily that they're all bat shit crazy) that Rich was only hanging out with Paul when I was gone to keep him close so he could get to me. haha seriously. Does this stuff really happen? PS good luck Rich. So Paul was bummed and the night just went down hill from there. It was an early one at least.

Saturday was ultra productive. Paul and I ventured over to Myeon-dong, walked to Jongno, Insadong and Gwanghuman where we ran into 2 different festivals. There's always some festival going on. We happened to catch the ginseng (free magkeolli and deer antler life saving solution- how Korean) and some other one, not sure what about, for kids. We got popcorn there though so it was pretty sweet. Then we went to a palace, caught the changing of the guard, walked over to my school and hung out in the park and eventually made out way over to Hongdae for a pizza dinner. Pizza here isn't really pizza,it's kind of a thin crust (tortilla like) with cheese. No sauce. We got mozz with gorgonzola, and for whatever reason, that always comes with honey. It was good though. Review coming soon to We probably walked 7 or so miles through the day too. 10k on Saturday, bring it!

Tonight I'm going to try my hand at making some pumpkin (kombucha squash) curry. Should be interesting :) ALright I'm at school typing this, so it's time to go. 3 hours is enough time here

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