Monday, October 11, 2010

back in the ROK

I had an absolutely amazing trip home filled with family, girlfriends, weddings, reunions, and, of course, cheese. After an all too quick East Coast tour, I head out to Vancouver to catch up with my dearest friend from Seoul, Susan. We had such an amazing week of outside adventures, club hopping, and beautiful meals with her and her husband on their balcony. Again, it went by all too quick and here I am back in the ROK.

It's so nice to be back though! Friday night was date night and I managed to stay awake until 1 or so, so that helped combat some of the jet lag. Of course was up at 8 am the next day, so I went and hiked Namsan with Paul. It was a perfect reminder of why I love Koreans. There were 500 people out in matching flurescent outfits and anyone who could speak English went way out of their way to say good morning. I was greeted Saturday afternoon with all my friends celebrating at my house for the HBC festival. This neighborhood festival happens twice a year and since it's literally outside my door, Dave Emily and I decided to have people over to celebrate. It was sort of a Happy-Birthday-Dave-Welcome-Back-Lauren-Happy-HBC Fest party. We drank wine, caught up, toasted marshmallows (finally!) to make s'mores, then when evening rolled around we went out and joined the party. HBC is the neighborhood (it's one street) I live in and on this day all of the bars and restaurants participate in throwing a street party; except they don't close the street to public. So there are hundreds of people trying to go from concert to concert while trying not to get hit by cars. And of course the police come out and try to create some semblance of order, but always to no avail. I honestly still can't figure out what a Korean police officer's job is. Regardless, it was a good weekend to come home to!

After an awesome Sunday or laziness followed by a nice walk to the river, it was time to go back to work. Bah. Monday starts out with an email informing me I was replaced for my Friday job. Hmm kind of saw that one coming. And I really liked that job, and I was already told all of my tutoring has been postponed until NOvember. And I'm broke.... But then I get to my normal job and the kids were all super shocked and excited to see me. "Lauren teacha!?" It was like they saw a ghost! I fed them all candy corn all day and played a game, and they told me Angelina teacha was ok, but Lauren teacha was...what what...ahhh bettah! But sadly Sunny teacher put in her notice and her last day will be Sept 22nd. I really enjoy her and am so upset to see her go, but it's definitely a better opportunity for her to go and start her own private school and not have to deal with the nonsense our new company has put her through.

Now that I have no jobs (well except the one) I am on a big saving spree. No more going out on weeknights, much more cooking in, and no shopping! As I'm heading to Paul's to make dinner I get a phone call. Krissy (part of the blonde trouble friends) had referred me to a friend of hers who is rolling out a marketing firm here in Seoul. Apparently this firm is global, but they have just been introduced to the Korean market. I talked with Andrew, who is super enthusiastic about his company, and we arranged for me to have an interview on Wednesday! Woohoo. I have no idea what the position entails, but he informed me they had both full and part time work. God knows I have the time now, and if its a legit position, I would definitely take it on full time. If not, the job hunt continues. I am going to start full on searching in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea for finance positions. If anyone knows anything, drop me a line!!! :)

Dinner #1 a success. Tuna, guac (from Canada), and kimchi sandwiches. Yum. Tonight it's round 2 starting off with figs and goat cheese (again from Canada) followed by Nainamo and Date bars (again Canada).

I miss all my family and friends, especially now that I don't know when the next time I'll be back, but I'm so glad to be back home and in my comfort zone here. I say that now that its still sunny and warm out....

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