Friday, October 22, 2010

the interesting world of job hunting rok style

I just found out I have been dumped from my one solid tutoring job (2 brothers Tues night) and today, Friday, Jun Han bailed (it must run in the family). Feeling sorry for myself, while not working on Friday haha, I cruised craigslist and found a M/W/F tutoring job 6:30-7:30 near where I live. Within a half hour of replying I got a phone call and interview for Monday. Interview translates to "you are the person in the picture you sent us." So that seems positive. I also just signed up for an Asian Finance job sight. I posted my resume and I'm just waiting for the offers to come in....any minute now...

So I think computer dos is on it's way out. I say this as I am running on 25% battery and I can't seem to get the charger to actually charge the computer. Hmm good thing I have no money and one small job. Maybe it'll work again tomorrow. Sure.

It's Friday night, 8 27pm and I just got back from an awesome 7k run. I told myself I was working up to the run I just did, one day I'll be able to run the mountain, well that day was today. I ran the whole steep way up. On a Friday nonetheless. Go me!! Perhaps I will run the 10k this Sunday.

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