Wednesday, October 20, 2010

too much free time leads to....

...too much walking around bullshitting and not enough productivity. On my to do list for the past couple weeks:

find a job
find tutoring in the mean time
cook more
clean my room/hang up my pictures that have all fallen off the wall (crappy cheap tape)
post pictures/get a usb cord for my camera/backup my computer (as i have a tendency to kill them)

hm how many of these things have a I done? Yes, approximately zero. I have looked, somewhat quickly and shallowly, for some tutoring, and have sent a few emails regarding real jobs, but other than that I've run, gone out to eat, walked around, spent some time in a PC know the usual important stuff.

Last weekend was great though. Pretty low key and early nights all around! Friday I finally got on base!!! i guess I had built it too much up as this magical land I was not privy to, but once there it was quite disappointing. A good friend, James, also Krissy's boyfriend, is going to Missouri for 2 months to study something. I don't know. But for his going away party he invited us all to his "house." It's a dorm. A pretty seedy one at that. We drank some nice beers and played beer pong, but come 12 or 1 it was time to go home. I think if I could go to the PX I would have different feelings. One good thing, hopefully, came from it. One of James' friends, Tyrone, wants to take his wife out this Friday for her birthday, so I offered to babysit which he seemed stoked about. It would be 120,000 won for me to sleep over and eat his food and he said I could have friends over if I want. Unfortunately I have not heard from him since.

Saturday Paul and I got up and got bagels with bacon egg and cheese (a treat here in Ktown) and hiked up Bukahnsan mountain. After a 3 or so hour hike we were beat and came home for Craig's rooftop bbq. It was a great night and they had the BBQ blazing so it was plenty warm. Again called it an early night and had a lazy Sunday filled with Indian buffet and a long stroll on the Han River.

I have officially signed up for 2 races (10k) and may bandit run the We Are Nike Run this Sunday night. Depends how I feel. I've been doing pretty well running, although I can't believe how far out of shape I have gotten! I used to run 10ks backwards, now I'm struggling to hit 7! But with that said, I have also given myself a sinus infection. This happens every spring and fall. Running + trees + yellow dust = sinus overload.


The plan was for Paul and I to go spend Christmas on the beaches of Thailand. Paul asked when his vacation days were and he school informed him that he did not, in fact, get a Christmas vacation, but he could take any week in Feb-April off. Seriously!? His school sucks. So I obviously give him a lot of shit "why do you put up with this school" "tell them you're taking it regardless" "you're ruining my Christmas..." haha and this went on for a couple days until I went to the bank to transfer money to pay my substitute and pay off my credit card debt from my month vacation. I quickly noticed that there's no way in hell I will be able to pay for a vacation in just 2 months. So new revised plan is to work a winter camp the week I have off for Christmas, make $1,000, maybe take a ski trip on Christmas, then when my contract is up in March take the Thailand trip. It'll be cheaper, Paul can come, and I can stay as long as I want. My friend Brian, who I traveled with last Christmas, will be in Asia in January, so I think I'll meet him in Tokyo for a long weekend (he has Hilton points, hello fancy pants hotel) then he's coming to Seoul for a week. You hear that Scott and Stac, 3 of my old co-workers have been out to visit?!

Well, I'm off to update my iphone with contact info, read, and watch tv until this sinus infection flees. Happy Hump Day!

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