Wednesday, October 27, 2010


On a particularly lame morning run I was stopped by a group of kids (in Itaewon, foreigner area) to do an interview with them for a school project. This happens all the time. Either Itaewon or up by the Cheongycheon River (stream). There are always kids and university students doing some sort of project they need your insight, experiences, or just a photo for. This was no different.
"Where are you from."
"Oh, Atlantic City." haha is that the only place in NJ people know!??

"Why are you in Korea." "What do you notice about Korean culture." Blah blah blah.

They were cute and I always enjoy seeing what questions they come up with. Last Saturday Paul and I were stopped by 2 uni students. They wanted to know our favorite designers, stores, musicals. Clearly all things Paul is really into. hah Poor guy didn't know what to say.

Anyway, later the same day I am leaving school, walking outside Sookmyeong Women's University where 2 young women stopped me. First they asked in Korean if I understood them, I said no, I don't know Korean. Then they spoke in broken English asking if I had some time. Sure. Big mistake. Then they pull out a bible. Ahhhh not this again! They tried to tell me about the Mother Mary and if I don;t celebrate Passover my soul's done did. Ok ok, all of the sudden I really have to go, thanks and good luck!! They always trick me! I just wanted to talk about why I love being in Korea.

After that I hopped on a bus down to COEX where Emily and I had a lovely time at the Intercontinental Wine Buffet. All the wine and food you can indulge in. Yum! Then we walked over to Without You. Our dentist gave Emily tickets for this one man show neither of us knew anything about. It's the videographer from Rent and he recounts getting the part in the play, his relationship with the writer and his death, and his mother's death. All told through a mix of song and prose. The play was worth it just to hear the Rent songs! He has an amazing voice, and it was only an hour and a half. Just long enough.

I am typing in my room, under a desk lamp because my overhead light died, under down comforter and next to a heat lamp. It's freezing in here and my room has zero heat!! Now it's time to get ready for my school Halloween party. I'm going as a sailor. We're going to play games, eat candy, and not teach all day. Woohoo. Happy Halloween!

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