Friday, February 18, 2011

Crunches Be Damned

I wake up early (9:38) and go for a lovely 5k run on Friday. It's finally breaking freezing and not totally miserable at that hour. I come home for my usual 5 minute floor routine. I do some planks and start in on my crunches. About 25 in and I notice my head all of the sudden doesn't want to go up. I try to stand up....ouch! I don't know what I did, but I am pretty sure my last post about being old totally came true. I am instantly brought back to childhood watching my parents lie on the couch in agony with thrown out backs. Perhaps it's the 20+lbs of books I carry each day, or just my old age, I am 28 now in Korean (that's almost 30!). Luckily it's just my shoulders and neck so I'm still able to bend and move, I just can't turn left or right. It's kinda like Zoolander, but painful. I am typing this in bed now (9:50, and it's Saturday!) propped up by 3 pillows contemplating where to get acupuncture.

In other news, I got dumped by my Bundang tutoring, which is actually a blessing. It'll save me a solid 2 hours in commuting and recently they stopped feeding me. Who needs that? This was last Wednesday. On Friday at the blowfish people's house the mom stops me on the way out, "We need to talk." Oh shit what did I do? "My sister want interview you for class." Sweet, more tutoring. Guess where she lives. Bundang!

At my Friday school my first student, 22 and totally awesome, was 30 minutes late. While waiting my boss Jay walks in, "I need to ask you something." Oh shit, what'd I do!? "Next Friday, we're uh, having a company dinner. Are you free?" Dinner? Duh I'm free. He walks out. 2 minutes later comes back in. "Lauren, I know you're uh, a healthy eater (pan over to the waffle sitting on my right), but uh, the dinner's at a steak house. A Brazilian steak house. Are you ok with that?" I've been dying to try one! I have never been and can't really justify paying for one because I'm really not a big meat eater, but if the company's paying, I'm soooo in. And Krissy and Emily will be there because they both work for this company. For those of you not familiar with Brazilian steakhouses, you get 2 paddles, an X and an O, and they waiters basically walk around cutting off different slabs of meat onto your plate until you put the X sign up. Im also told there's a salad bar. This particular steakhouse (in Apujeong) is supposed to be the best in Seoul and i've already heard Krissy rave about it. And she's a carnivore so she knows. Pictures and review coming soon.

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