Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ms. Han's back

This morning I started a new class with Mrs. Han and her friend. We're going to study business English; 1/2 book and 1/2 convo. I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving, and now we're meeting twice a week! Asa, even though there's no food of booze involved. Well, it is an 11 am class. I have also just picked up 2 more 2 hour classes at Krissy's school on Friday. Man I am working more now that I am studying than I was before. AND i just extended my finish day to March 3rd to help the school out. Geeze it's like someone thinks I like doing this or something. In other news, apparently I am STILL not hirable in Finance. Just started applying again and have already gotten 2 rejections. Bring it on HK.

So yeah this week has been about work and studying. Ohh and running! I'm back baby. This is the longest work week I've had since quitting Bits last January; 25.5 hours. I know, you should feel back for me.

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