Friday, February 4, 2011


In a money saving effort this month, Paul and I have decided not to eat out, but instead to cook in. Except for today because Wing Bakery is opening a sandwich place up the street. Sandwiches are 50% off, so it counts as saving money....
Regardless, first on the list was jambalaya. We saw these colorful sausages at EMart a few weeks ago and have been talking about it ever since. Yesterday we hit Emart hard. We ended up with colorful sausages, squid, shrimp, and oysters for our concoction and it ended up looking like this:

I think we ended up making enough to feed us for the entire month! And there's still a squid left over and half a pack of sausages. [Note: not only can I clean a squuid now, but I have taught Paul...which means I don't have to do it anymore :) ] Here's Paul hard at work:

And my contribution...

In the end it turned out totally delicious and definitely sparked my interest in cooking again. I need to pull out Maria's cookbook and get on it. Too bad it's so hard to get cheese here!! Feel free to send some. Preferences include goat, muenster, gouda and gryere. Thanks.

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