Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CFA strikes again

Yesterday I had been feeling a little off. Kind of nauseous, and just kind of icky. I've been fighting my sinuses and had a spicy lunch, so blamed that. Came home, chatted with Mom, had a glass of wine and started feeling really bad. Maybe milk will settle my stomach. Wrong. But it did help me to puke for no less than 10 minutes. Was up tossing (ha get it) and turning all night, went to the doctor this morning and she says I have a fever and a virus. This is great timing. Let's get violently ill 3 days before the biggest test of my life. I have vague recollections of going to the doctor before the last CFA convinced I was dying. Stress seems to manifest itself in some sneaky ass ways with me. Oh and I have I mentioned I start malaria pills next week. Those should be a treat.

So moral of the story. Don't try to take the hugest test of your life, say goodbye to some of your best friends, pack, move and mentally prepare for the experience that will be India, all within a week of each other. Today is my last full on study day. Hopefully I can drink my Powerade and practice test my way to a pass.

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