Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This is by far the most beautiful and tourist centric place we have been! Took a quick 4 hour bus and were solicited for a hotel room right on the bus. We go, there's a pool, AC and it's the cheapest room yet. And there are other foreigners at our hotel! Asa.

This is a beautiful little holy city completely covered in temples. It is totally religious (read no booze) and colorful and get this, full of camels!! Tonight we downgraded our room as we don't need AC and it's costing 200 Rs. That's < $5. And the food!! We've had pizza, hummus, olives. Ahhhh things we've missed. I <3 Indian food, but the oil was wearing on me.

Tomorrow at 4pm we head out for an overnight camel trek. We camel ride through the desert for 3 hours to Kaju's house where his mom teaches us to cook Indian food, he plays guitar, we camp on his roof or in the dessert, then in the AM have tea and milk a goat! Could this be anymore fun! We met some cool foreigners today who were going o nthe same trek and we tried to get in, but alas, not enough camels. So tomorrow it's just the two of us. Can't wait!

Ice cream time.

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