Friday, June 10, 2011

Lessons learned so far

1. Packs are heavy. When packing for 9 weeks (especially when you're a girl), shit gets heavy. And you know who has to carry it? Me!!! Will be slowly shedding clothing and product.

2. If you're in a cafe at the airport fb chatting with your mom while you should be boarding your plane, the flight attendant will come and get you. And make you run to said plane. Go Air Asia.

3. Although it may look like another plane taking off next to you, it's not. It's just the wing of your plane. Thankfully I have a nice, observant boyfriend to remind me of such things.

4. AC is necessary. I will pay extra. In India I don't know if this is a choice. Hmmm.

5. Wet wipes are essential in humid monsoony countries.

More on what we've actually been doing coming soon.

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