Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Is my final day in Korea!! I just finished my last class and am off to a final dinner with Ms. Han. Last night BHive had a dinner for Krissy and I which was awesome. My boss is super hooked up and knows everyone who's everyone in Seoul, so he took us to am amazing Japanese fusion place with some awesome wine.

Yesterday and today Paul and I shipped everything to Hong Kong and the US. What a pain in the ass that was. We show up to the post office with 4 suitcases. "Oh, no, don't ship suitcase." Well, I'm not leaving it behind so do it. Then, "20kg weight limit." Im shipping this by boat, why is there a weight limit!!!!! So we repack some boxes, had to come home and repack more boxes, went back this morning only to be told, oh USA can't use size 6 box (which is perfectly OK for Hong Kong), must use 5 size box. So I repack that into 2 suitcases and finally we're finished!!!! 400,000 won and 10 boxes later. 8 boxes to Hong Kong, oops. Hopefully they take a while because I'm guessing Paul's school will be less than thrilled to hang on to those for 2+ months.

Anyway, packs are packed and I'm about to be homeless....again. I packed a few t-shirts, a couple light pants and thats about it. I think some saris will be in order ASAP.

Off to dinner, drinks with friends, closing bank accounts in am and one final galbi dinner before we flee for Malaysia. Late.

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